In the summer of 2004, freshly dropped out of film school and looking to form a band, JOE CHANG opened the Mountain Xpress newspaper and came upon an ad that caught his eye. He called the number and a kid named ADAM CULLUM answered the phone.

They met up at Beanwerks in downtown Asheville, NC. After talking for a while, they went straight from there to Adam’s car where he had a guitar, and took turns playing songs for one another. They traded CD’s of recordings then went on their way. 

They met up a few times again to play songs and eventually found themselves playing at an open mic in Black Mountain together. It was their first performance as a “band”.

They called themselves BAILEY PARK.

What proceeded was 14 years of a beautiful musical friendship, until Adam’s untimely death in the late summer of 2018. It was the only ad Joe ever called in his life, and the only one he ever needed to.

Bailey Park is both a tribute to a friend, and to the music that connects and binds us together.

In addition to a Record Label, Bailey Park aims to offer services such as Tour Management, Video Production, and soon, a Recording Studio.